Huafu Primary School Introduction


Huafu primary school was established in September 1989. It is located in Huafu Village, Futian district, Shenzhen City. In October 1994, the school passed the district level assessment. In September 1996, we passed the city level assessment and in December 2002 the provincial school assessment.


Huafu primary school has a good reputation in the society, as well as large development potential and distinct characteristics of running a school. The parents are all satisfied with the school and the students are proud to be a part of a harmonious school. Here are the honorable titles we’ve received: Guangdong provincial standard school, Guangdong modern technology school and Guangdong green school. For a better campus, the school was rebuilt in July 2012 and renovated in August 2013.


The school covers an area of 9825.95 square meters, with the building structure of 13,423 square meters. There are currently 29 classes, consisting of 1392 students and 89 faculty members with 85 of them being full-time teachers. We have 59 senior teachers and 19% of them are municipal or district subject chiefs. In 1997 the school was awarded ¥10 million for achieving the first outstanding evaluation of school running in Shenzhen.


'Independent Huafu' is the core idea of school management. For the teachers and students, we strive to stimulate the spirit of confidence, independence, self-reliance and self-discipline; to develop talents and potentials, to breed the consciousness of self-supporting, self-studying and self-independence. The main subject research themes in our school are based on these ideas. We are also involved in the 'New School' scheme and are implementing the suggestion system to give a chance for teachers and students to participate in self-management. We aim to create a positive, happy and harmonious atmosphere in all aspects of school life. There are four models the school is promoting:

●The democratic and participant management model for the teachers;

●The moral education model of independent development; which helps create a variety of activities to mould to the students own way of learning;

●The students’ self-learning teaching model, which focuses on the students in a normal class;

●The school-base course model, which gathers the strength from the school, families and communities in one.

We have achieved remarkable results and won the trust of parents. We have formed a great open mathematics class and football coaching. We are expanding our open-door library system and excellent teaching characteristics. In addition, the dancing team and orchestra band achieve great results every year in many competitions. In fact, we have lots of students and teachers who receive awards or deserve high recognition in different competitions every year!